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 SP1: Formation and turnover of soil microaggregates

With the research in this subproject, we aim for a quantitative understanding of the interplay and inter-dependence of the formation pathways of microaggregates in space and time, the controlling processes and underlying mechanism by the exploration of the resulting phenomena. Thus, we study the in-vitro formation of microaggregates from aqueous suspensions employing a collection of microaggregate forming materials in a bottom up approach.

Thereby we explore the role of nano-topography and nano-mechanical properties in the formation and stability of soil microaggregates by atomic force microscopy. We developed a physically-based model for the simulation of the formation of 3D-structures from aqueous suspension in-silico mimicking the aggregation processes studied in-vitro. Additionally we analysed the role of surface alteration for the authigenic formation of microaggregates in the soil-parent rock continuum in-situ.

The group was further responsible for the production of the labeled 13C-EPS used in the microcosm experiments.